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What can I use to treat a sore throat from a cold?

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    Experts predict that 15 million people will see the doctor this year for a sore throat. Caused by inflammation, a sore throat from a cold will appear red and will most likely be accompanied by a runny nose. Treat the nagging pain with black currant lozenges.
    Black currant contains gamma-linoleic acid, a fatty acid that soothes the throat and decreases inflammation. These lozenges are a smart alternative to taking menthol, which provides a cooling sensation but can actually break down your body’s good mucus and damage the throat over time. Instead, pick up some black currant lozenges from your local drugstore.

    Additionally, if your throat has white patches or pus, you should consult your doctor. This could be a sign of a bacterial infection that requires an antibiotic.
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