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Can I get a flu shot if I have a sinus infection?

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    You should still be able to get the flu shot when you have a sinus infection. Minor infections are not a reason to avoid the flu shot.
    On the other hand, you should avoid the nasal spray flu vaccine when you have a sinus infection. The nasal spray works when it contacts the skin on the inside of your nose. If the skin is blocked by a layer of nasal discharge, the nasal spray will not work.
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    In general, a mild infection without a fever should not stop you from getting a flu shot.

    Mild infections include:
    • colds
    • sore throats
    • bronchitis
    • ear and sinus infections
    If you have a fever, don't get the flu shot until the fever goes away. It's not that getting the flu shot while you have a fever is dangerous. It's that you and your doctor won't know if your infection is getting worse or if the flu shot is causing the higher temperature.

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