Is exercise important for bipolar II disorder?
Exercise has been shown in many studies to be a very effective antidepressant. It is one of the most important things anyone with bipolar disorder can do to help themselves. It is one of the most effective non-medication treatments we have.
Mark Moronell, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Doctors agree that getting regular exercise is essential for all people with bipolar disorder. Daily physical activity helps to maintain your overall health. That's especially important if you have bipolar disorder, which has been linked to various other medical conditions. Also, some people with bipolar disorder develop problems with basic mental functions, such as memory, planning, organizing and paying attention. Several studies have found that getting regular aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, or swimming can help prevent these kinds of problems.

Exercise is good for the brain and body. Any type of moderate exercise will release endorphins, a type of chemical in the brain, that improve mood and general feeling. It helps improve sleep quality, which is important in reducing triggers for episodes. Exercise as a form of stress relief, especially forms of fitness like yoga, are recommended to reduce triggers for episodes. Regular fitness is a good lifestyle habit that in addition to medication and therapy can help improve bipolar II disorder.

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