How can walking help me manage my stress levels?

Walking is a simple way to manage your stress levels. Evidence suggests that chronic stress contributes to heart disease, so if you are often stressed it may be time to put on your walking shoes.
Walking has direct and indirect effects on your stress levels. Physical activity directly supports stress reduction by encouraging the release of hormones called endorphins that are linked to happiness. Indirectly, going for a walk can give you a sense of escaping to a quiet environment - or at least an environment where no demands are being placed on you. You’ll likely find that your stress levels begin to diminish as you walk.

Any form of exercise will help manage your stress levels. You may hear this often but exercise helps release endorphins. When this occurs your body will naturally feel better. Exercise will help manage the following things which may lead to managing stress:

  • Increased energy
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve moral

These are only some of many but walking will help you break away from it all to take a few deep breaths and then return to whatever you are currently completing.

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