What are the best whole body strength exercises for basketball players?

Mike Elliott
Total body strength exercises are very important for basketball players.  Basketball is a sport that is very demanding of multidirectional upper and lower body strength.  Therefore, it is necessary to mimic this while training.  Some exercises that I focus on often with my players include: dumbbell squat with curl, side lunge with cable row, rotational step-up with lateral raise, single leg squat touchdown to overhead press, dumbbell split squat with curl, rotational lunge with single arm cable chest press, etc.  Designing total body lifts for athletes such as basketball players calls for some creativity.  Think about the demands placed on their bodies during competition, and try to combine exercises to achieve specificity in integrated training of the upper and lower body together.
Integrated exercises are those exercises that combine an upper body and lower body movement into one functional pattern.  These exercises are appropriate for every athlete especially basketball players looking to improve their "on the court" strength.  Some example of whole body strength exercises include step-up to curl and press, squat-to-row, and cleans.

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