Should all basketball player positions do the same strength program?

The type of strength needed to play basketball is not specifically dependent on position.  Just as a big men, forwards and centers, can benefit from squats and box jumps, so can a guard.  The difference between positions is more a function of skill sets, not the attributes gained in the weight room.
Casey Smith
Sports Medicine
The strength training program should not be based on position, it should be based on the needs of the individual athlete.  The athlete's level of fitness, injury history, weight management, and minutes played in games are all factors that should all be taken under consideration when formulating a comprehensive program. 

The demands of basketball are similar at every position. They all require explosive strength, stamina, and neuromuscular coordination or (technical ability) and reaction speed. While the positions have differences from an overall program standpoint they are very similar. To answer your question a strength training program that is good for a point guard would also be good for a post player or center.

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