Will running stairs help my baseball performance?

Stair running has benefits for the aerobic energy system as well as the strength and power of the lower limbs. So yes, stair running can improve baseball performance as athletes will reap the benefits of an improved cardiovascular system, as well as improve the force production capabilities of the legs. In other words, an athlete will be able to more quickly recruit muscle fibers and recruit more muscle fibers through their increased strength and power, and this will enable them to run from first to second base faster. Running stairs is like strength training without the gym. There is an increased need for muscle recruitment when the body moves in the vertical direction. The athlete is moving their mass against gravity. This effort simulates weight training as there is a need to provide more force to move the object up an incline. Think about rolling a bowling ball up a ramp, versus on flat ground. It takes more force to push the weighted ball up an incline- and that is exactly what happens when an athlete runs up stairs. The body is forced to fire more muscles, faster to propel the runner up the steps. This is a good thing, as the body learns to recruit more muscle fibers more efficiently, to move the athlete up the stairs, resulting in a positive training effect. Stair running is like functional strength training with the added benefits of a more efficient cardiovascular system. Improved endurance results in an athlete's greater ability to perform later in the game. They will be able to focus better and resist fatigue as the game progresses due to their more finely tuned aerobic energy system.

Yes running stairs will prepare your body for baseball and the opportunity to increase your performance. Running stairs combines the actions of cardio/aerobic for the heart, strength and power for legs in one demanding exercise, with the additional benefits of increased muscle recruitment, balance, and speed/reaction.

I would caution you to walk and not run down the stairs to minimize the impact on your knees. 

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