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How can I stretch my traps (trapezius muscles)?

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    Try this simple movement to train your upper trapezius to work better: Shrug your shoulder up as your arm reaches overhead and allow it to remain up while the arm lowers. When sitting, prop your elbows up so the shoulders sit higher than normal. To achieve this, you can change your work chair, or rest your elbows on a folded towel at your desk to help elevate the shoulders and reduce stress to the neck.
  • A great and easy stretch you can do for the traps is the upper-trapezius stretch. Perform the upper-trapezius stretch by following the technique described below. Stand with your feet pointed straight ahead and shoulder-width apart, knees slightly flexed. Next, place one arm behind your body and tuck the chin. Bring the opposite ear down toward the shoulder using your opposite hand until a stretch is felt on the side of the neck. For example, to stretch the right trap, place your right hand behind your back and using your left hand, pull your left ear down toward your left shoulder until you feel a mild stretch on the right side of the neck. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.
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