When should I see a doctor for arthritis pain?

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    You should see a doctor for arthritis pain when that pain is sharp, stabbing and constant. Until you get to a doctor to evaluate your pain, reduce your activity. Here are a few other reasons to see a doctor for arthritis pain: 

    • You already have a limp due to pain, but it starts to get worse.

    • You have pain that lasts more than two hours after exercise.

    • Your pain is waking you up at night.

    • You have pain that is not relieved by medications and hot/cold packs.

    • You notice an increase in swelling in the joints or have joints that feel hot and look red.
  • You should see a doctor for any arthritis pain, primarily because it is important to get an accurate diagnosis as to the cause of the pain. Oftentimes,what is considered arthritis pain is actually pain from another cause that needs to be worked up and treated appropriately.
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    As we get older, many of us will feel occasional joint pain or discomfort that comes and goes. This does not require treatment. But you should see a doctor if:
    • you experience prolonged joint pain
    • the joint has become swollen
    • the joint looks red, feels hot, or is tender to the touch
    • the joint pain is bothersome and increasing, in spite of attempts at self-care
    • you feel that you are less and less able to move without pain
    • you are running a fever and the pain in the joints is increasing in severity
    • you have morning stiffness in your joint or joints
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