What exercise can I do to tone the back of my arm?

Most commonly the word tone is used to denote the ability to see muscular definition and tone. This result will come from an increase in muscle mass while a simultaneous decrease in body fat. Body fat is not as firm as muscle and often accumulates over muscles which can give the back of the arms a soft/jiggly appearance. In this instance, decreasing caloric intake and increasing your caloric expenditure will help reduce your body fat. Body fat decreases when you eat less calories than you burn. This is known as the Law of Thermodynamics. By increasing caloric burn, by moving more through exercise and modifying your diet (consuming fewer calories), your body will begin to burn off body fat. There are, however, specific exercises that can activate and strengthen muscles on the back of the arms, typically referred to as the triceps. Exercises that can activate this muscle include dumbbell triceps extensions on a stability ball, bent over triceps extensions, and cable triceps extensions. Combining a proper diet and exercise program including strengthening exercises for your triceps will improve the look of your arms over time.

The muscles on the back of your upper arm are called the triceps and can be toned with a variety of exercises targeting those muscles.  A great one to try is the bench dumbbell extension.  Lying face up on a flat bench, hold a pair of dumbbells over your head with your arms straight and palms facing each other.  Bend your elbows to lower the dumbbells until your forearms are slightly beyond parallel to the floor.  Pause, and then return to the starting position.  For an added challenge, try this exercise on a stability ball by placing your head and shoulders on the ball and raising your hips in line with your torso to form a bridge.  You’ll not only get toned triceps, but also strong core, glute and leg muscles too!

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