What can I do to get the peak on the top of my bicep?

Unfortunately, if you are not born with the genetic predisposition for this "peak" you will not be able to attain it. There are a couple of fundamental physiological determinants to muscle shape and size.

  1. We are born with a predetermined number of muscle fibers;
  2. genetically, we are all born with a certain potential for strength and hypertrophy (growth); and
  3. the shape of our muscles when fully developed is decided at birth. The number of muscle fibers you have was determined at birth, but you can certainly train to make the most of your genetics by adapting your training regimen for hypertrophy (increased muscle-fiber size). It is important to understand that in order to achieve growth in a muscle, force (determined by load), volume, and time under tension must be increased, as well as recovery time. Increasing muscle mass requires creating a weight lifting program with specific acute variables shown to be effective at helping muscles grow bigger. Here are the proper acute variables for increased muscle mass - Sets: 2-6, repetitions: 1-12, intensity: 70-100% of 1 repetition maximum, and rest: 45 seconds to 5 minutes in between sets.
If you are born with the proper genetics, then any biceps exercise will create a peak; otherwise, a peak can't be developed. You see, a peak will occur if you are born with long tendons and short muscles. If you are born with long muscles and short tendons, short of surgery, you cannot create a peak.

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