What can I do if my stomach became doughy after my baby was born?

During pregnancy your body collects body fat and stores it for later use and protection. In addition your body increases water retention and overall blood volume. After pregnancy you will retain the excessive water weight and blood volume for a few weeks. After a few weeks the water retention will slowly subside. To get rid of the extra fat stores collected during pregnancy and general exercise will help reduce body fat.

In order to lose weight you need to have a negative caloric expenditure. This can be accomplished by diet alone. However, you will need to significantly reduce caloric intake. However, exercise will increase caloric expenditure and raise metabolism, which means you will continue to burn calories through the day and boost your energy. Exercise and diet can create a calorie deficit leading to fat loss.   

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Focus on your transverse abdominal muscles. I refer to them as our “inner girdle” because they run horizontally and when strong, keep a gentle pressure on the abdominal wall to protect our organs and support the low back. These muscles connect to muscles in your back and the rectus abdominus (the vertical muscles most commonly used in crunches). Your baby required a lot of room inside your body as it grew, and may have even split your rectus abdominus in the process (known as diastasis recti). Having a strong horizontal support from the transverse abs helps the rectus abs heal back in place faster post-partum, which equals stronger, flatter tummy sooner. These changes to your body took time, so be patient with yourself, and be consistent with your workouts.

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