What exercise isolates and works abdominal muscles the best?

The best exercise I can recommend to you will be a plank.

  • Plank – Lay face down, arms parallel to each other, toes tucked under, and lift.  Hold your body in this position.  Be sure to squeeze your abdominals and glutes and hold for up to :30 seconds.  This exercise will trigger all muscles of your core and can be quite challenging! 

Many exercises will assist in working your abdominals but this exercise is on the top of my list!  Let me know if you would like further description and I would be glad to offer some challenges!

There might not be a "best" exercise, but several will get the job done.  Try some good ole' fashioned crunches by lying face up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Cross your arms over your chest, or touch your fingertips together behind your head raising your head and shoulders and crunching your rib cage toward your pelvis.  Pause and slowly lower back down.  Shake things up by performing this crunch while holding a weighted plate across your chest, or by using a stability ball.

A great exercise to isolate and work your abdominals is a plank! To get started you lay face down on the floor, elbows are on the ground underneath your shoulders, engage your abdominals and lift your whole body up so you are only on your toes and forearms. Your body should be straight, like a plank of wood!Hold the plank for as long as you can working up to 1 minute.

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