9 Questions to Ask Yourself About Migraines

It's important to evaluate your migraine treatment from time to time. Get started by asking yourself these questions.

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What Are Acute and Preventative Migraine Therapies?

There are two different therapies to manage migraines. Learn the differences and why you may need both.

Preparing for Your Migraine Appointment

Migraines affect people differently. To get appropriate treatment, you need to be able to accurately describe your symptoms.

Telehealth Appointments for Migraines

Learn how virtual visits with your healthcare provider can help you stay on top of your migraine management.

What Are "Medication Overuse" Headaches?

Learn why overusing pain relievers can lead to more headache days and how to avoid headache rebound.

How Meditation May Help You Manage Migraines

What the research says about meditation and migraines and how to get started incorporating meditation into your life.
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