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Exercise for weight loss

Health benefits, tips, strategies and more.


What Types of Exercise Will Help Me Build Long, Lean Muscle?
You can get long lean muscle by walking, dancing but in order to have strong muscles so that you can...


What Factors Have Contributed to Worldwide Obesity?
We can look at things like computers. We can look at our food. We can look at our activity levels in...


A Fun Way to Lose Weight: Ride a Bike
[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with a playful tip to help you lose weight. There's a fun exercise that yo...


What Are Some Tips for Exercising During Pregnancy?
So now you are pregnant and you think you want to start an exercise program, this is really not the ...


What Type of Exercise Equipment Would Be Good for Weight Loss?
Well, my personal philosophy is the best state-of-art equipment is you. There's nothing better than ...


6 Easy Prenatal Yoga Poses
Basic stretches to help you through pregnancy and labor.


Keep Weight Off With This Kid Pastime
Many of us haven't done it since our skinned-knee playground days. But research shows it may ...
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