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What is the 60 second exercise?

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  • AJoanne Duncan-Carnesciali, CPT, NASM Elite Trainer, Physical Medicine/rehabilitation, answered
    The 60-second exercise is a workout designed for individuals who find it difficult to find time to exercise.  This workout can be performed just about anywhere. 

    What one needs to do is perform movements at an intensity that results in an immediate increase in your heart rate.  Movements like jumping jacks, running in place, shadow boxing or walking around as quickly as you can for sixty-seconds.

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  • The 60 second exercise is any callisthenic based exercise that you perform intensely for 60 seconds to compensate for the lack of time from performing regular physical activity.  Examples, including push-ups, jumping jacks, sit ups all will help get the blood flowing and provide small benefits and improvements in fitness if performed periodically throughout the day. 
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