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Who burns more calories when walking, short people or tall people?

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  • AJonathan Penney, Fitness, answered on behalf of National Academy of Sports Medicine

    Much of this will truly depend on the individual themselves.  Whether tall or short, everyone burns calories differently.  If you are highly active then your body may burn more calories as your metabolism is very active.  If you are sedentary then you may not burn calories as fast as you may not be moving as fast.  Taller individuals may be able to cover more ground in a shorter period of time with longer strides but shorter people may walk faster.  Essentially, everyone is different and the best way to figure out how many calories you burn will be to purchase an items such as a bodybugg.

  • ARobin Miller, MD, Integrative Medicine, answered
    Dr. Robin Miller - Tall Short Calories

    Tall and short people burn the same number of calories per step; however, short people take more steps. Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Robin Miller about burning calories.


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