Osteoporosis Drugs May Also Fight Cancer

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. All medications have side effects, and sometimes those side effects are good. Aspirin's a classic case. It's designed to fight pain, but it also lowers your risk of heart disease and colon cancer, and now there's good news about bone building drugs called bisphosphonates.

Those are prescribed for women to combat osteoporosis triggered by menopause. Turns out bisphosphonates can cut your risk of endometrial cancer by more than one half. Bisphosphonates also slash your threat of colon cancer almost in half, and reduce your breast cancer risk by about a third.

How? In the process of strengthening bones, bisphosphonates inhibit cell growth and some tumors. Now bisphosphonates aren't prefect, intense heartburn and nausea are among their most unpleasant side effects. And long term use can ironically increase certain unusual fractures, so your doctor may advise an occasional drug holiday, still you're taking the sperm building drug for Osteoporosis.

So its nice to know its helping your body in other ways too. I'm Dr. Van der Wright, check out all our health smarts videos right here.