What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Cheese?

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The health benefits of eating cheese. Cheese is a food that many people eat but don't often associate with a health benefit, but all that is beginning to change as we realize that some cheeses are actually made with bacteria, which is how you make cheese, and the bacteria as a side product puts cancer fighters in them.

And so the cancer fighter in our soft and hard cheeses, which ones are we talking about? Gouda cheese, Jarlsberg cheese, Emmentaler, Edam. These are all from south of the Scandinavian countries. They actually contain a cancer fighter that is a special form of vitamin K, called vitamin K2, another name Menaquinone, and again studies have shown that if you're actually eating a couple of slices of cheese, in Europe they often eat cheese for breakfast, can reduce the risk of lung cancer by substantially up more than 60%.