Who Requires An Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation?

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Intestinal and multivisceral transplantation has been done for typically with patients with short gut. Short gut meaning some reason, either disease condition or trauma, somehow that intestine has to be removed. If the intestine is removed to the certain level, don't have enough intestine to survive, that's the condition we call short gut syndrome, that's when you need intestinal transplantation.

So multivisceral transplantation, sometimes is a complication of the intravenous nutrition. So when your bowel is very short, you have a short gut, you need intestinal transplantation, but a short gut you require intravenous nutrition because you cannot absorb nutrients by your guts, and then the intravenous nutrition can damage the liver too.

So if that happens then you need, not only an intestinal transplant, you need a liver and intestinal transplant, so that's one indication for multivisceral transplant. Some other unusual indication for multivisceral transplantation includes the tumor. The patient with the Gardner syndrome is one of those very rare condition that a patient with Desmoid tumor, patient has already have a previous resection of the bowel, that's another type of indication relatively rare but that's a one typical indication for multivisceral transplantations as well.