What Are the Benefits of Soaking in an Epsom Salt Bath?

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Well, the great thing about epsom salt bath is a tropical way to get magnesium. Remember magnesium is one of our biggest mineral deficiencies in this country, and not everybody can take magnesium supplements or get enough magnesium in their food. So the biggest benefit from soaking in epsom salt is really getting in the amount of magnesium that you might need.

Aside form helping with magnesium deficiency, we know that epsom salts are also helpful for relieving pain, especially muscle and joint pain, maybe after that really tough workout. Also helping with stress, and with sleep issues, you might be running around having a lot of things to do, and just can't turn you mind off, epsom salt soaks can help with that, and it can sometimes also help with anxiety.

So, these are things that we find that epsom salts can really make a difference for.