Dr. Tamar Chansky - What are social anxiety disorders?

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For people with social anxiety, life has no backstage, they are constantly feeling that they are in focus, being scrutinized, at risk of being humiliated or embarrassed, its a very uncomfortable diagnoses its a very uncomfortable way to live without much breathing room. So, there is a big cognitive piece to this where there's just a running track but that was a stupid thing to say, people are going to think am so weird or different or, oh I can't believe I said that.

But in addition to that, there is the physical piece to social anxiety, where there are concerns about being noticed for having physical symptoms of anxiety, will someone notice that I'm sweating? Will someone notice that I'm blushing? And those symptoms may occur, people may have sweating and blushing and rapid heart beat, but the issue is more that they're again in focus of other people, that people are going to notice and think badly of them.

In order to be diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, its beyond shyness. It's really where people are avoiding situations, parties, sometimes phone calls, even working or being outside of the home or they're going to those situations or putting themselves in those situations, but they're enduring great distress just to be there.