What Are the Benefits of Exercise If I Have Heart Disease?

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Exercise benefits you in so many ways from head to toe. Not only does it prevent heart disease if you haven't had it, but if you've had a heart attack, exercising after having a heart attack prevents you from developing another heart attack. It also helps with your brain as you exercise, it increases serotonin in your system and that makes you feel good, and it prevents against osteoporosis, it's also a great way to keep your blood pressure down, your cholesterol down, prevent diabetes and keep your weight in check. So by far whether or not you've had heart disease or you're preventing it, exercise is your best medication.

If you're ready to start an exercise program, please talk to your doctor before doing so. If you've had any risk factors of heart disease or any symptoms, it's so important to know that your heart is safe before beginning an exercise program, and then when your doctor says it's okay, make sure you have the right pair of snickers, can't do it in shoes, and then get to the gym or get outside, but whatever you choose to do, it's all about moving and getting your heart rate up, just go do it.