Does Black Cohosh Help Reduce Hot Flashes?

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Black Cohosh is a traditional herbal medicine which has been shown to have great positive impact on the reduction of hot flashes, and the reduction of the severity of the hot flashes, so women who take Black Cohosh consistently over a period of time may experience like a 50% reduction in their symptoms which can be really significant for people.

The evidence is very, very strong and very clear and of course there is traditional usage of this for [xx] I love it it's my go to herb for my patients who either don't want to use hormones or can't use hormones, maybe they are smoker, maybe they've have had breast cancer, maybe they just don't want to do it, maybe they have high blood pressure or other heart problems, and I really like using the traditional herbal medicines especially when they've got good strong scientific data to support their use, so it's 40 milligrams twice a day.

We've got to give this probably two to four weeks to see any kind of change in your symptoms, and I would say you should be using this for about six months. It's best to work with someone who is well versed in herbal medicine, but you can pick this up over the counter, or pharmacist and they are very cost effective.