What Can Men Do to Feel Happier, Less Stressed Out and Less Anxious?

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In order for men to feel happier, less stressed out and less anxious, it's extremely important for them to be able to maintain a routine as much as possible in their lives, and this routine involves trying to get at least seven hours of sleep at night and trying to have a workout regiment, and this may involve three to five times a week of any kind of physical activity that can get one's heart rate up, that could include aerobic activities, strength training, a combination of both, and we've been trying to maintain other friendships.

We often see that men if they're extremely busy with work, or if they're in a relationship, may not have time to maintain these friendships that they once used to, perhaps incorporating that with sort of physical exercise and routine if they're interested in sports, to try to maintain that as much as possible.

We find that people get less anxious when they're connecting with other people, men find that they're distracted when they're watching sports, when they're playing sport, when they're outdoors, if they're hiking, if they're connecting with nature, so really trying to maintain as much of a balance as possible to maintain one's mental health for men is extremely important.