Does Emotional Eating Tend to Be an Issue for Men?

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Emotional eating absolutely can be an issue for men just as it is for women, so do you find that you are snacking more often, I see that people when they are stressed out when they are anxious, perhaps might have food kept at their desk, they're eating more junk food than usual perhaps at night after dinner, they find themselves snaking more carbohydrates craving sugar, they find that they are relaxed with it perhaps they might be drinking more beer than usual.

So, we should tend to think of not just emotional eating but also emotional drinking because that's something I often see with men. Emotional eating really has to do with emotions and not necessarily with the physiological cues of hunger, so emotional eating particularly relates to either eating more than you usually would after your physical cravings of hunger have been satisfied, or perhaps even eating between meals, and is a direct consequence of feeling sad, lonely, anxious, angry irritable and turning to food as the source of comfort rather than dealing with issue at hand, it also as or what we would call self medication or a coping mechanism, the problem with the emotion eating however is that it can for many people take on a life of it's own, even though you might be eating another chocolate, cookieor whatever it is, very soon people find that they are packing on the pound and that food then become a way for them to deal with a lot of problem that really they should be dealing with instead.