What Is the Purpose of a Colonic?

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The purpose of the colonic is to flush out the large intestine, and this differs much from doing just an animum/g. When you get a colonic it actually cleans out the ascending, the transverse and the descending colon. The process of getting a colonic is really quite simple. First, I have to say, you always need to go to a certified colon hydrotherapist but when you go into their offices you're going to lay you down in a table, and they insert a small plastic tube into the rectum that's actually hooked up to a long tube.

This allows water to flush in and be carried out. This will rid the large intestine, the ascending, transverse and descending colon of toxins. They can also do it at the same time, they can implant wheat grass, they can throw probiotics in there, they can actually use coffee too to help clean out the hepatic vein which goes to the liver it's a really great cleansing therapy.