Why Should I Accept My Size If I Want a Healthy Relationship With My Body?

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There's a big movement in the healthcare field that's called size and weight acceptance. And a lot of people roll their eyes at this but I actually think it's a critically important tool. Because the only way you're going to make health behavior changes is to start today. And the only way you're going to start today is if you respect yourself today.

I'm a firm believer that one can find health at any size and in fact must find health at any size. And that means that today, you can love your body. Today, you can nourish yourself in a healthy way. Today, you can take good care of yourself, but I think sadly in our culture the belief is, that unless you look a certain way, you're not healthy, and that's absolutely untrue.

Health is very much behavior driven, it's how you take care of you and then is you believe that this body, that this current weight, that this current you is worth taking care of, then you'll take the actions you need to do, to make yourself the healthiest version of you possible.

Now if that translates into weight loss, okay then that translates in the wight loss but that's not the only measure, this is about a bunch of other things, whether its your cholesterol or your triglycerides or your cardiovascular health, health means so many things. So loving yourself today at this weight, at this body is the key in starting a life time of health.

Many of us make the promise to ourselves that if we just lose the weight, we're going to be happy or somehow life is going to be better, the fact of matter is that that's a really really skewed and probably just downright wrong belief because all of the problems that you have now, unless you really change your thinking, even if you lose the weight, you're just going to have the same problems in smaller pants and so when it comes down to it, this idea that, well if I lose all the weight, then I'm going to find a guy, guess what, if he chose you because of your weight and you gain some of that weight back, he's not going to stay with you.

Those seem like risky choices to make, so if this really becomes about changing how you think about you in any way at any size, dumping that fat talk and realizing that this is not just about losing weight, this is really about how you think about you, your health, and your body.