Why Is It Important to Have a Positive Body Image?

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Having a positive body image is really a important tool for our mental health. Number one it's a really critical self perception, and it is really important to for us to have healthy sense of self. And that sense of self is in our abilities and the kind of person we are and the kind of friend or family member we are.

But also, how we view ourselves in terms of our bodies. And body image is just not how we look but it's also how strong is my body, how healthy is my body because when we start having those kinds of healthy thoughts about ourselves, what it translates in to is that we take care of this bodies.

So, if we value something we take care of it. If you keep pulling your body down the odds of you are taking good care of it are pretty slim. So that good body image becomes an essential health tool. A second really important reason that having a healthy body image is so important, not only for your mental health, but also for the health of the other people around you.

For all the mothers out there, your children learn by listening to you and watching you. And if you drop a lot of fat talk, guess what they are going to do, and I can tell you as a mother, there is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing your daughter put down her own body which to you obviously as her parent, is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

So, they learn by watching us and so too do our friends, our co-workers and the other people around us. So in many ways we have a responsibility, the less of that we do, the less we stand to talk badly about our bodies, the more we also protect and teach those around us who are in our care, whether they are our children, our students or other people that we work with.