What Are the Psychological Benefits of Exercise?

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Exercise has so many psychological benefits, it makes us feel revitalized, it makes us feel stronger, it can even make us feel more powerful or communicate our needs and wants more. There's sort of no end to the benefits. The other benefit obviously is health wise it has a cardiovascular benefits, it's cognitive benefits, it helps us with our metabolism, so exercise is good.

The key is to make sure you integrate exercise into a complete and balanced weight loss plan, one of the big mistakes many people make when they attempt to do exercise is number one, they take on too much of it alone, it feels very isolating and it feels like a chore. This is a really good time to bring other people into your world, do it with them, join a biking group.

Go rowing in the water with somebody, go to the gym with a friend, but it's also important to remember that sometimes exercise is not the fix all, save all we think it is. Sometimes when I'm exercising, I just exercise so I can eat that whole burger. Remember it's still is calories in and calories out.

So, the key is to get real balance of good healthy exercise that you can enjoy and want to do. A good healthy diet plan that is sustainable, and then try to build other people into that whole programme so you're accountable and you enjoy it.