Are There Alternative Treatments for Menstrual Problems?

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There are some wonderful and very effective treatments for all sorts of menstrual problems. Now menstrual problems is a very large term for a couple of symptoms whether a woman can have whether they are really bad PMS, which they think they would chronically have to suffer with or their partner thinks they would have to suffer with, to irregular menstrual cycles to very heavy menstrual bleeds, so any of those areas natural medicine can absolutely help, usually mostly areas that have to be focused on when we are dealing with hormonal problems is liver health.

Not to say that it's liver disease but in terms of how the liver's processing your hormones. So most times I tell women about looking at things in terms of their diet whether it's juicing, helping their liver clean out that allows the liver to metabolize those hormones, so that they are not getting that angry or irritability that they would during PMS, and then again the other option to that there is some wonderful botanicals that a woman can take like Vitex also known Chaste Tree which absolutely helps with very heavy menstrual bleeds and then other botanicals like black cohosh or blue cohosh or there is some of the other herbs like nettles that a woman can use that all of these things will help a woman cycle regulate more normally and help them function and feel better.

I would definitely also recommend acupuncture. Acupuncture is a very quick and effective means to help regulating your hormonal issues and again when you want to use any of the botanicals that will always consult with the practitioner first just in case you're using birth control pills or other means for contraception so consulting with a practitioner but then again acupuncture is a very quick, easy safe means to help resolve those issues.