Are There Alternative Treatments for a Sore Throat?

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Yes, there are some quick alternate natural treatments for sore throat. One of my favorites is using Manuka honey because it's honey, and it tastes really good, and very soothing to coat the throat, but the very interesting thing about Manuka honey it actually can prevent strep throat.

So if you are concerned that there may be brewing in there, Manuka honey is a very quick, easy and tasteful medicine for a sore throat. The other thing that I like to recommend for my patients is actually making a salt water gargle. And so what I do is I tell patients to take about two cups of water, put and crush a garlic clove and put it in that pot of water.

Bring that to a boil, so that that garlic really infuses into the water. And then once that gets nice and warm, in a cup you do about a teaspoon of salt and then you pour that garlic water into that salty cup, and you just gargle with it three to four times a day. Very effective, kills everything in the throat and very quick, easy, cheap medicine.