Are There Alternative Treatments for Low Sex Drive?

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There're definitely alternatives treatments for low sex drive. I think when you work with a holistic practitioner on sex drive and libido, you definitely have to think about of things, first of all, absolutely we've been shown that thing are exercising, getting enough sleep alone are going to help increase sex drive, so if people aren't doing that, that's absolutely the first step.

The second step would be to look at psychology and spiritual issues and find out if there's any emotional reasons. There's been studies using hypnosis for cases of non physical reasons for low sex drive and libido that hypnosis can work really well and I'd imagine that even things like psychotherapy cognitive behavioral therapy can be useful, and then thirdly there're definitely certain new trends and supplements that are very useful besides taking a basic multi-vitamins and things like a good essential fatty acid, there're certain herbs, things like [xx], which has been helpful for good sex drive, for more senior people that maybe have cardiovascular issues, things that open up the cardiovascular system like Arginine can be very useful, sometimes Magnesium is very good for cardiovascular system, it can be useful for that as well, and then there're more specific herbs or actually increasing potency and getting people more interested, and more arousing things like that as well.

So there're a number of choices for low sex drive and low libido.