How Can I Reduce Back Pain from a Slipped Disc?

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A slipped disc, we talk about, there's two types of mechanical pressure pain of the disc bulging and then if the disc ruptures, there's a chemical release of toxins that are very sensitive on the nerve, they make the nerve highly excitable and create a lot of pain. One of the things that we talk about is white willow bark which is an alternative to pain relievers over-the-counter, typically you're going to need the expertise of a physical therapist to guide you through the recovery or worse case scenario, a surgeon.

But for that daily pain, over-the-counter medications tend to be very toxic to your liver and stomach, so this willow bark, white willow bark it acts like aspirin but it lasts longer and it's natural and you can just make tincture[sp?], and add it to a cup of hot water.