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Spine and bone health

Find out everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy spine and bones.


4 Great Foods for Healthier Bones
Your body needs the right nutrients in the right amount...


10 Ways to Improve Bone Health
Simple strategies to prevent or slow bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis.


5 Bone-Strengthening Exercises and Activities
Exercise is good for more than just your heart, lungs and muscles. Physical activity is one ...


Should I Take Supplements to Strengthen My Bones?
Odds are, you think of your skeleton as a fixed part of you—your body’s unchanging fo...


What You Need to Know About Bone Density Testing
Every year an estimated 2 million people break a bone due to ...


Top 5 Things to Know About Your Bones
Osteoporosis -- a disease that causes weak, thinning bones -- can really sneak up on you. Perhaps...


Bad Bones? On Your Feet
The risk of falls goes up pretty dramatically when you have weak bones and muscles. That's ba...
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