How Can I Get My Digestion Back on Track?

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You can get your digestion back on track and optimize your fat burning by removing the food trigger inflammation, and removing the foods that are allergenic also want to remove hormone disrupting food like sugar, alcohol and caffeine. But this is only for two weeks and the good news is you can eat as much as you want whenever you want.

It's not able calorie restriction at all you also should add in foods that promote healthy digestion anything that's antiinflammatory anything that's hypoallergenic and top up your fiber intake.35 grams a day and make sure you take a probiotic supplement on rising and before bed.

You can also add in the supercharged hormone diet detox water. This should be your water for the two weeks of your plan, it contains natural organic lemon, ginger, cyan and mix into about four cups of water sip this throughout the day it will boost your metabolism control your appetite and help fat loss.