What Low Calorie Beverages Can Help Curb My Food Cravings?

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There are some low calorie beverages that can help you curb your food cravings, first and fore most diet soda is not one of them, so that's the bad news out there for all you. We know that in brain scan studies, what happens when you consume diet soda. Your mouth is perceiving this sweetness but in the brain it doesn't give you the full response, so it's like your body was waiting for that fore reward response but because actually no calories in there it's not getting it.

This may be part of the reason where we see that, people who drink diet soda and long to behavioral studies are much more likely to be overweight and obese. The same ofcourse goes for full calorie soda drinkers. So what we want to do is we want to find healthier alternatives, coffee and tea are fantastic for decreasing your cravings.

You're going to be getting the hit of dopamine for example if you have black coffee with skim milk, that's going to be giving you a burst of dopamine that is the equivalent burst of dopamine you would get from high fat food like a cheese burger, so in a lot of ways having that coffee or that green tea or black tea which also give you a pretty good dose of caffeine are going to be giving you that same response.

If you are that person who doesn't like the bitterness of coffee or tea, you can try vitamin water zero, life water zero, other [xx] sweet beverages or sodas that are sweetened with [xx] or stevia. These aren't going to be giving you the dose of artificial sweeteners that are 300 to 500 times more sweeter than sugar like nutrasweets, saccharin and splendor and instead are going to be just a little bit less sweet which won't re-calibrate your taste buds at point where you will eventually crave very very sweet foods.

Try these healthy bevaerage alternatives and see what it does to your health and your waist line.