What Is the Phenomenon Called Pica?

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Pica which is been featured quite prominently on my two shows TLCs and my strange addiction and fluky eaters has the eating of non nutritious substance or sometimes a strange substance so this includes the eating of dirt, clay, paint sometimes things like flour or cone starch or even some more buzzer things glass paste the inside of a couch cushion or toilet paper.

What is this about? Many times as this part of a nutritional deficiency we see that in an under developed countries where they are not getting their nutritional needs meet, up to 60 or 70% of pregnant women will develop Pica. It's your body's way of telling I'm not getting some need meet so I have a craving however the craving of what you are eating as not helping to get your nutritional needs meet.

Other times in the United States the Pica rates are not so high, but again many people especially when pregnat will develop Pica. Sometimes Pica and the eating of these non nutritious substances like toilet paper can also be part of an anxiety disorder or food addiction. For many people it may start in pregnancy, but then you become addicted to eating the substance and it becomes a comportion or habit that you can not break if you are eating things like flour or cone starch, it's also giving your release of Salton in the brain which helps you to understand why that maybe self medicating your anxiety.

First rule out nutritional deficiencies with your primary care physician supplement as needed, and then psychological logically you really need to look at MI medicating some sort of anxiety, is this behavior actually helping you to feel peaceful? Some people twirl their hair or paze or play with their pen, some people eat toilet paper or couch cushions, but the root of that is the same, It's an anxiety base disorder.

So ask yourself, what are some of the things that I can do to feel more peaceful? What are some new and healthy rituals I can give myself and perform in my everyday life?.