What Can I Use As a Healthy Salt Substitute?

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The goodness here is that salt is the only pitfall seasoning. There are tonnes of boosters seasonings, basil, oregano, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, curry, anything that comes in a spice rack, anything that comes from a spice garden can really season your food giving you that kick that you're craving.

That sort of pungent taste that balsamic vinegar has, it's very similar to salt and yet balsamic vinegar has no sodium whatsoever. So when you can start to actually substitute a lot of black pepper or just regular table pepper for a lot of salt on your eggs or a lot of paper on your sandwich instead of that salt, you can start to still get the seasoning, it doesn't have to be depriving yourself from food that are very flavorful but you're now moving from a pit bulls seasoning salt that sets you up for hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attack stroke and now you're moving into those booster seasonings, basil, oregano or thyme.

These have health effects. They're anti inflammatory and some of them have even mentioned to have anti-depressants effects.