What Are Booster Foods?

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What is a booster food? A booster food is a food that gives your brain sustainable amounts of serotonin and dopamine, while also keeping you fuller longer, because they have a high setadity/g value. So instead of eating Crusoe for breakfast, you've got to have quick yogurt, that still is going to give you the dopamine from all of that protein, but it's also going to keep your stomach feeling very profile, very long time and not kind be hungry quite as often.

Another great lunch booster food could be, [xx] chicken breast as opposed to fried chicken with mashed potatoes. That grilled chicken again is going to give your brain, sustainable amount of dopamine, the keen walls will give you sustainable amounts of seratonin, both foods have a very high setadity/g value, so again there is brain-stomach relationship that is going to keep both organs happy.