If I'm Trying to Lose Weight, How Can I Find Out What My Food Pitfalls Are?

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Every person has different food pitfalls and a lot of it is related to brain chemistry. You may not realize it why you like something so much is actually because you're craving some sort of neurochemical response. In diet rehab I talk about the way that Serotonin gives you this peaceful feeling and you can get that also from eating high sugar and high carbohydrates, whereas high fat that releases dopamine which is a very exciting neurochemical and you can get that by eating things like potato chips.

So when you actually figure out what it is you're really hungry for and have a diagnostic test in diet rehab that will help you to score that. You can then say, what is it that I'm really hungry for? I'm I hungry for potato chips, I'm I hungry for Ice cream or I'm I really hungry for excitement, peace, connection or happiness? When you know that information, you can start to make some really lasting and effective changes.