How Can I Avoid Raising a Picky Eater?

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If you're afraid that you'll be raising a picky eater, the best thing you can do always give your child an A or B choice, don't forget how important free will is to human beings, even to kids. So instead of saying, you're having broccoli for dinner, the question is, would you like corn or broccoli for your vegetable tonight? The second thing you can do is you need to model healthy behavior, so that means not only eating healthy foods, but when you eat healthy foods you need to smile, the same way you would when you're eating an ice cream cone.

Children have been shown to model this behavior and then they perceived fruit and vegetables as things that are fun to eat. Third, the healthier the parent's diet, the healthier the child's diet. Remember with kids it's not do as I say, it's do as I do. The more fruits and vegetables, healthy foods you're eating in your everyday life, the more your children will eat, and remember for children it takes 10 or 15 exposures to a new food for them to accept it in their diet.

So be patient and pretty soon you'll have a kid who will be eating just as healthy as you are.