Relax Your Mind for an Easier Workout

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I am Dr. Clark with a smart tip to make your workouts easier. Rest your mind before you break a sweat and you breath through your exercises. Why? Because a tired mind means a tired body. One study found that exercisers had a harder time with their workouts when their brain were fatigued. The study tested many women with two different pre-workout activities.

One day the group had to complete a tedious time computer task before the workout. Another day, the group watched simple documentary films and relaxed until it is time to sweat. The study participants reported that they felt much more fatigue and reached their point of exhaustion more quickly after doing a computer tasks.

Researchers suspect that mental exhaustion influences your body dopamine an important brain chemical that affects your sense of motivation and perception of effort. So plan your workouts accordingly. For more ways to live younger, watch all our smart tips right here.