Lunchtime Workouts Boost Workplace Productivity

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. Feeling uninspired to work lately? Here's a simple way to rev up. Workout at lunch time. Research shows that exercising during the workday helps you perform better and makes you feel more positive about your job. A study of 200 white-color workers in three different work places showed that, exercising during a one hour lunch break improve productivity.

Even better, workers reported feeling more positive about both their work and their colleagues. So getting your blood flowing may ease tension, improve concentration and mood, and help you feel calmer and more resilient. Those are all helpful tools to tackle a challenging day. Your lunch time workouts don't have to be hard

to be effective. Try these easy exercise breaks. Stretch at your desk, do just 20 minutes, a walk outside is a great mood booster. Use your body as a gym, do some sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, all to burn a few calories. For more ways to stay fit, and feel great all day long, keep watching our smart tips, right here.