Diversify Your Workout Portfolio for Better Fitness

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with a tip to get more from your workouts. Investment minded people know one of the best ways to strengthen their long term financial portfolio is to diversify. Think of your weekly exercise routine as a fitness portfolio. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not including enough variety.

Research shows that diversifying you workout routine offers greater payoff longtime than sticking to the same moves or exercises. That's because variety maximize the health benefits and minimizes the risk like injury, fitness plateau and boredom. Your ideal exercise routine should include aerobic training, strain training and flexibility exercises.

There also a few variables to consider. Think about these four, intensity, this is measured by the percentage of your max heart rate during an activity. Frequency, this is how often you perform an activity. Duration, this is how much time you spend performing an activity. Variety, this is the number of different exercises you perform for each type of exercise, from cardio to strengthening.

Aim for a good mix of all of this factors, for more ways to stay healthy and fit, watch all our smart tips right here.