What Does an Insulin Response Test Measure?

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An insulin response test is the way we should be looking at blood sugar issues. Most doctors just check you first in blood sugar which is okay, but it shows up really late, like 20 or 30 years after you have a problem. The best way to test it, it's called an Insulin Response Test, and it's very simple, you measure your blood sugar, and your insulin levels which most doctors don't do, and you do that fasting, and one in two hours after taking your sugary drink, like to cokes equivalent, and when you do that, you can see if your sugar and you insulin spike after the sugar drink, and if your insulin goes up, which happens way before your blood sugar goes up, then you have what we call insulin resistance or diabesity, also known as pre- diabetes.

And this problem is the major cause of heart attack, strokes, cancer, diabetes, dementia and many other things like depression, infertility, and even sexual dysfunction and even acne. So it's a major cause of suffering a disease and it's something that most doctors miss, and don't diagnose.

So we need to do, the Insulin Response Test.