Can Strength Training Increase My Metabolism?

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One of the biggest causes of aging and all age-related diseases, diabetes, heart attack, strokes even cancer, is something called sarcopenia. That's a big medical word, but what it means is muscle loss. And it happens inextricably as we get older, and we lose muscle, we gain fat, so we can even be the same weight that we were at 25 when we are 65 or we can be twice as fat, and what that, when that happens our metabolism is slowed down, so how do you avert this disease called sarcopenia that drives everything else?

It's very simple, you build muscle and you have to keep building and especially as you get older. So strength training, anything that builds muscles, it can yoga, it can be resistance training, it can be weights, there's a million things out there that will build muscle, but the key is building muscle, and it has enormous impact on building what we call mitochondria, which are little factories in your cells that burn calories so you build more mitochondria, you work better, you build more muscle, and you actually burn more calories in your sleep. So, how bad is that?