What Is Electroacupuncture?

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Electroacupuncture is acupuncture with the addition of a mild electrical current which is connected to the ends of the acupuncture needle, and the difference between regular and electroacupuncture is that the use of electroacupuncture has been shown to increase healing in particular types of conditions.

For example it is often used in pain conditions. So if you're suffering with acute or chronic pain, electroacupuncture has been shown to be much more effective than just regular acupuncture. In the case of conditions like nausea, we sometimes will use that electroacupuncture for nausea and a slew of other conditions.

Think of it as acupuncture on steroids. It's a way to continue to stimulate while the needles are doing their job but to kind of essential way, to increase, to power up the benefits of acupuncture.