Do Children Have Higher Risk of Developing Cancer Due to Cell Phones?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] We really don't know if children have a higher risk of developing cancer due to cell phone radiation. Certainly as a parent and a pediatrician, I think that caution is advised. The FCC does have limits on how much radiation a cell phone or other device can emit but those regulations were developed when cell phones weren't in such common use and they weren't developed specifically for children.

To keep your kids safe, distance matters, so keep the cell phone as far away from the body as possible. Use a wired headset not a wireless one that emits electromagnetic rays. Use this text feature, use the speakerphone feature. Don't sleep with the phone under your pillow, keep the phone away from your reproductive organs.

Don't let your daughter tuck the phone onto her bra for safe keeping. All of those things, increase a child's increase a child's exposure electromagnetic radiation and we need to decrease that as much as possible.