What Are the Best Lean Protein Options for Weight Loss?

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Hi, I'm a protein Maniac. To me, protein is the bomb. Okay? Why? It fills you up, it tastes good and it makes you feel like you're eating more meals something like a crispy crunchy chip. So for my protein choices I love shrimp, because it's super low on calories and fat, it tastes great, it feels a little fancy too, so peas grain, I like chicken, now I cook my own chicken or sometimes I buy the pre-cooked chicken which makes it even easier, I also love egg whites, so you could just boil up a whole batch of eggs, I tend to just eat the white because my cholesterol I watch that now I really want to eat the yoke, so I avoid the yoke but I love the white.And you can also buy like the packaged egg substitute like egg vitas or you know all whites or whatever it is.

Throw that and scale it, or even in the microwave and you'd have a high protein amazing snacks so, egg whites underrate it in [xx].